Exemption filing deadline for Allen County homeowners fast approaching

Allen County Auditor Blosser, courtesy photo.

Press release from Allen County Auditor Lisa Blosser:

Exemption Filing Deadline for Allen County Homeowners Fast Approaching

(November 25, 2009) – Lisa Blosser, Allen County Auditor announced today that Allen County homeowners have until Thursday, December 31, 2009 to file property tax exemptions for taxes payable in 2010.

It is very important that homeowners who will be at least 65 on or before December 31st review the following eligibility requirements for receiving the Over 65 Assessed Value Deduction and the Over 65 Circuit Breaker Credit.

Over 65 Assessed Value Deduction (up to $12,480 deducted from gross assessed value):

  • Combined adjusted gross income cannot exceed $25,000; and
  • The gross assessed value of the homestead on the assessment date is limited to $182,430.

Over 65 Circuit Breaker Credit (limits the increase in tax bills to 2% per year):

  • Adjusted gross income cannot exceed $30,000 for an individual or $40,000 for a married couple filing jointly;
  • An individual must have been qualified to receive the homestead credit in the previous year and qualifies for the homestead credit during the current year; and
  • The gross assessed value of the homestead on the assessment date is less than $160,000.

Proof of Income (IRS Form 1040 for previous calendar year for applicant and all co-owners) is required for both exemptions.

“The legislature addressed the concerns of seniors on fixed incomes by eliminating the uncertainty of property tax increases we have seen the last few years” said Lisa Blosser, Allen County Auditor speaking of the Over 65 Circuit Breaker credit enacted in 2008.

“Taxpayers at least 65 years of age should contact the Allen County Auditor’s office if they are not currently receiving these property tax deductions and if they meet the eligibility requirements,” said Lisa Blosser, who continued, “It is important to ensure that taxpayers are receiving all the exemptions they are eligible to receive in order to make their tax bills as low as possible.”

If a taxpayer received the Over 65 Deduction and Credit on their 2009 property tax bill, they will automatically receive the deduction and credit on future tax bills unless they move.

A complete listing of all exemptions and deductions is available online. To see what deductions and credits that were included on your 2009 tax bill, click the “Online Tax Info” link on the left and enter your name or address. To learn more about deductions and credits in general, click the “Property Tax Division” link on the left side. Homestead and Mortgage exemptions may be filed online. All other forms can be printed, completed and brought in the Auditor’s office Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. For more information on property tax deduction eligibility, contact the Allen County Auditor’s office at (260) 449-7241.


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