Commissioners statement on proposed City-County space needs task force

Allen County Board of Commissioners Seal

Press release from the Allen County Board of Commissioners:

Statement from Commissioners on Proposed City-County Space Needs Task Force

The Allen County Board of Commissioners released the following statement following Mayor Tom Henry’s news conference this afternoon, during which he proposed the formation of a task force to examine City and County space needs:

“As we indicated in our statement following the mayor’s news conference last week, the Commissioners remain willing to explore opportunities for collaboration with the City in ways that benefit all citizens of our County. As such, we welcome Mayor Henry’s offer to sit down face-to-face with elected County leaders and discuss space needs issues surrounding the City-County Building and the Renaissance Square building. We have always felt such meetings were needed if both sides are to reach a cooperative agreement that would address our respective needs and fiscal concerns.”

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    • Not sure what you’re confused about, the statement reads clearly to me. It was a working group, not a task force, that John Stafford was part of. It’s the right decision to take a second look at this and to get the fiscally responsible bodies involved. The only thing I’d be confused about is why they weren’t a part of this from the very beginning rather than brought in after the wheels had been set in motion.


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