DOH recommends hospitals may lift restrictions

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Webmaster’s note: Double check with the hospital to learn if they have lifted their restrictions before visiting.

Statement posted on Allen County website:

DOH recommends hospitals may lift restrictions

Now that the local and national surveillance indicates that fewer cases of H1N1 are occurring, the Fort Wayne – Allen County Department of Health has recommended that local hospitals may lift their visitor restriction policies and student internship program limitations.

“We very much appreciate the hospitals’ quick and measured response to the Department’s initial request to limit patient exposure to potentially infected young persons visiting the hospitals,” says Allen County Health Commissioner Dr. Deborah McMahan. “We understand that such policies can be difficult to implement due to the potential hardship on families visiting their ill relatives and the hospital staff due to a reduction in teen volunteers and interns. However, the hospitals’ obvious commitment to the well-being of their patients was evidenced by their immediate response to the Department’s request when transmission of H1N1 virus was wide spread in the community.”

Though the restrictions are recommended to be lifted, visitors should continue to exercise good judgment and refrain from visiting people in the hospital if they are experiencing any flu-like symptoms.

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