SOS Todd Rokita on Redistricting Reforms announced earlier this week

Press release from the Indiana Secretary of State, Todd Rokita:

Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita issued the following statement today regarding the Indiana Senate Majority Caucus announcement of proposed redistricting reforms:

(Indianapolis – 11/12/2009)  “In the two months that have passed since we started this conversation, today we see seismic movement out of parts of the General Assembly. This development is very positive. As the discussion continues, I can already see some additions that will be needed for true reform. For example, the proposal does not address the moose on the table – prohibiting, via a criminal penalty or otherwise, the use of voting history and incumbent addresses for partisan purposes. These are some of the main reasons today’s district lines are drawn so badly. Also, the law should absolutely ensure that the criteria, outlined at, be followed wherever possible, and not just be considered recommendations or guidelines. The independent commission idea is a nice discussion piece, but in reality it’s just that at this point because such a reform couldn’t take place for at least ten years. We need reform now.

I applaud Senator Long, Senator Mike Delph and their caucus for taking up redistricting reform. Hoosiers should continue to discuss redistricting reform so that the appropriate positive public pressure remains in place to make reform real and permanent.”

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