Council President Tom Smith questions City Light Lease letter funding

Councilman Tom Smith, courtesy photo.

A letter was sent to 100,300 City Utility customers recently, which according to Ben Lanka at the Journal Gazette, cost $45,000.

The letter was basically the same editorial the Journal Gazette printed on its op-ed page.  I received permission to reprint the letter here as well.  The only difference in that editorial piece and the letter recently sent is that a few paragraphs are out of order.  Nothing that makes a difference in the content of the letter.

I will point something out in Lanka’s article:

[…] Similar letters were sent by Helen Murray, president and chief operating officer of Indiana Michigan Power, to I&M customers after she wrote an opinion piece for The Journal Gazette that appeared July 31.

The letters were sent before the mediation sessions began between the City and Indiana Michigan Power. The mediator asked that the City and Indiana Michigan Power refrain from public statements until conclusion of the mediation sessions. Another session is scheduled in December. The opinion piece and letter written by Mayor Henry were sent after the mediator’s request.

A question to be asked: If the number of customers in the Light Lease footprint is approximately 65,000, (the number reported by the City and Indiana Michigan Power) was it necessary to send the letter to the additional 40,000? Also consider that this went to City Utility customers. In the building I live in, there are 10 apartments on each floor, 10 floors. None of us received the letter as it went to our landlord, who pays the water bill.

[…] While the city often sends information to residents along with their monthly utility bills, Menon said this letter was sent separately so people didn’t ignore it.

“We want the mayor to have a clear direct message,” he said.

Earlier today, I spoke with Fort Wayne City Council President Tom Smith. His comments are below.




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