City Council agenda – 11/3/2009

The Fort Wayne City Council

The Fort Wayne City Council meets in Committee Session tonight at 5:30 pm in room 128 of the City-County Building. The agenda may be downloaded here.

Of the ordinances up for discussion:

A RESOLUTION supporting financial support from The City of Fort Wayne to the Friends of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection to permanently protect and manage the Lincoln documentary materials collection and ensure its public accessibility through the Indiana State Museum and the Allen County Public Library

From the resolution itself:

SECTION 4. The City of Fort Wayne will provide financial support in the amount of $250,000 from County Economic Development Income taxes to be paid in two installments. The first installment of $125,000 to be paid in 2009 and the second
installment of $125,000 to be paid in 2010. These funds will be used exclusively for the care and digitization of the Lincoln Collection at the Allen County Public Library.

I’d like to know if CEDIT dollars are the best source for this? Perhaps projects needs like this could be paid out of the revenues from the City Light Lease fund? I’m not against supporting the Lincoln collection at the ACPL, but I am also be curious what other funds have been promised from various other entities. Wouldn’t this type of activity be something better matched with private fundraising activities? Perhaps they are and I’ve missed it?

There are various other items on the agenda as well. Should be a relatively short meeting, well short by this Council’s standards.

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