Souder statement on Democrat’s Health Care Plan unveiled today

Statement from Congressman Souder:

Souder statement on Democrat’s Health Care Plan unveiled today

U.S. Rep. Mark Souder released the following remarks today after House Democrat leaders unveiled their latest plan for a government takeover of health care that will raise taxes, increase our national debt, and put government bureaucrats between patients and their doctors:

“I am disappointed, but not in the least bit surprised that the proposal unveiled today continues to ignore the concerns of many Hoosiers across northeast Indiana. In August, and through the fall, concerned citizens poured into town hall meetings, wrote letters and held rallies demanding the inclusion of certain common sense provisions.

During a time of economic recession, this latest attempt at a government takeover of our health care system will raise health care costs for individuals and families, add to our national debt, and hurt small businesses—many of which are already struggling.”

“I will continue to fight this flawed plan and seek real solutions to the health care challenges we face. I support a number of bills that tackle problems like pre-existing conditions and address the need for catastrophic coverage. We can implement reform without a massive government takeover of our system.”

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