Breaking: Paula Hughes announces she will not seek re-election to County Council

Press release from Allen County Council Vice-President Paula Hughes:

Paula Hughes announces she will not seek re-election to County Council

Paula Hughes announced today that she will not seek re-election in 2010 for the office of 2nd District County Council member.

“When I joined the County Council in 2003,” said Hughes, “the county was facing a variety of budgetary challenges. $8 million was owed to the State of Indiana, and county departments routinely submitted budget requests that exceeded available funds by more than 30%. In addition, there was no motivation to develop cooperative operations between county departments or with the City of Fort Wayne.”

Hughes went on to point out just how much had changed during her time in office. “We now have a long list of accomplishments that we can be proud of including fully paying off our debt to the state, establishing a rainy day fund in 2004 which has grown to more than $19 million, overhauling the budget request criteria to eliminate outrageous requests and restoring order and decorum to the project bidding process.”

Hughes did not, at this time, say what she plans to do next but she did say that she looked forward to her next opportunity to make a difference in Fort Wayne and Allen County.

“I have loved my time serving on the County Council and it has been some of the most challenging and satisfying work I have ever done,” said Hughes. “I wish to thank everyone who supported me and I look forward to working with many of you again in the future.”

You may recall that Paula has formed an exploratory committee to look at a run for the Fort Wayne Mayor’s office in 2011.

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