Opinion: News? Only apparent today?

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I caught INC’s coverage of yesterday’s announcement regarding 9-1-1 consoldiation.

In particular, a quote caught my eye in Jeff Neumeyer’s posted article:

[…] Mayor Tom Henry/(D) Fort Wayne:  “It became apparent today that he [Sheriff Ken Fries] feels that the two operations should remain separate, which is very disappointing to me.”

Really?  I’m sorry, but it just became apparent today?  I remember sitting in at least one Public Safety Task Force meeting, where Deputy Mayor Greg Purcell was in attendance, during which Sheriff Ken Fries came out strongly against the proposed agreement.  Don’t the Mayor and his Deputy Mayor talk after such meetings?  I’m really scratching my head over this comment, because even if I didn’t know first hand the Sheriff’s opposition, I would have to stop and ask why it hadn’t become apparent before today.  Again – is it something taken out of context, or our hard-working press at it again?

Not that I’m deluded enough to think everyone in Fort Wayne reads my blog, but in an interview I did with the Sheriff back in September, he stated he was not in favor of this at all.


He has been against this from the start and he’s not been afraid to let everyone know where he stands on it.

What amazed me most about Communications Director Tina Taviano’s abrupt and not yet fully explained departure last week, was the fact that she’s been the driving force behind pulling this together.  What should have been a bright shining moment for her, instead has turned to one of mystery and uncertainty.  Obviously, she was not the stumbling block to this coming to fruition.

It will be interesting to see if Councilman Tim Pape follows through with his proposed Communications Department Budget cut tomorrow evening or withdraws it.  If he withdraws it and this agreement does not materialize, the situation is no further ahead.  If he lets it stand and it would happen to pass, it could make for some interesting negotiations to see this through.

Perhaps Friday, we might know if the proposal will go further, or back to the drawing board as the Board of Commissioners may vote on the agreement.

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