City Council notes – 10/27/2009

The Fort Wayne City Council

Notes from tonight’s City Council meeting.

Public Hearings:  Only one spoke – Elissa McGauley, Economic Development Specialist for Community Development, gave a brief preview stating this was being done due to a change in the IC code in 2006.

R-09-10-13: Barry Becker, from The Medical Protective Company spoke on the last one.  He stated the mailing was ready, but was not sent on time.

Public Hearings closed.

Non-Compliance Waivers:  Elissa is presenting.  If approved, a credit towards next year’s tax bill will be granted to each company.   This will avoid giving a refund, or the City having to pay interest.

Mitch Harper – Personal property loss of abatement is going forward.  Real Estate can be picked up in subsequent years.  If a business leaves or goes out of business, the abatements typically stop.  However, the choice can be made to keep an abatement in place.  This was done several years ago as a way of marketing the property at a lower purchase price.

Mitch is asking about the abatement on The Harrison, if it should be taken back since nothing has been done on it.  Tim Pape has asked if this is beyond the scope of current discussion.  Liz Brown has allowed it.  Elissa is responding that the start/completion dates are tentative.  Currently, December 31, 2011 is sunset date for the project to start and receive the abatement.

Karen Goldner – wants to verify the companies have met their compliance goals.  Jobs have been created and have done what they said they would do in the abatement.

Elissa – There are over 200 active abatements.  Council has to be an advocate for businesses.  We do everything we can on our end.  We send notices to companies of dates and process times.  Notifications of changes to State  Code are also sent out.

Glynn Hines – Elissa does due diligence to make sure companies are in compliance.  She also gets reasons why and future remedies.

Liz – ordinances do have fines in place.  Elissa – yes, $500.  Only looking at a couple of months.  They are paying the fine.  They are on notice they need to meet dates in future.

Elissa – is working with Swiss Re.  Paper

Final vote – 9- 10- 11 no vote for Mitch.  Everything else passes.

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