Tax Abatement Non-compliance waivers explained

The Fort Wayne City Council

Before the City Council tomorrow evening, are 6 resolutions which provide for non-compliance waivers on tax abatements.

You may download a pdf containing the ordinances here.

Elissa McGauley, Economic Development Specialist for the City of Fort Wayne, sat down with us last Thursday and explained each non-compliance waiver and the reasons for the requests.

Tax Abatement paper work can be very complex with a lot of nuts and bolts to track as well as deadlines and regulations to follow.  The City does it’s best to assist each business, often sending out reminder letters/cards to each business.  In one of the cases, a Friday deadline was missed which was remedied the following Monday.  In another case, the waiver goes back a couple of years.

You may download an mp3 file of Elissa discussing the waivers here.

It will be interesting to see how the Council handles the waivers and the discussion that ensues.  There will be a public hearing for each of the waivers at the start of the Council meeting.  Sign up is not necessary, just show up and wait for the call.


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