St. Joseph Hospital Memorializes Jerome Henry Sr. with Garden Dedication

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St. Joseph Hospital Memorializes Jerome Henry Sr. with Garden Dedication

Fort Wayne, Ind. (Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009) — St. Joseph Hospital administrators presented Marganelle Henry with a replica plaque of the one that graces a large boulder monument in the hospital’s new memorial garden. The Henry Memorial Garden was dedicated to the late Jerome Henry Sr. for his unyielding example of helping people in need. The garden occupies roughly 6,000 sq. ft. at the corner of Main and Van Buren Streets.

“Jerry Henry Sr. faithfully served on St. Joe’s Mission Integration Committee to uphold the Catholic mission throughout the hospital, which is an important cultural element of Fort Wayne’s first and last faith-based hospital,” said Kirk Ray, CEO, St. Joseph Hospital. “Jerry was an excellent role model, so having him as part of our committee was invaluable. In fact, he continually challenged us to extend our mission outside the walls of the hospital. He has served on several hospital committees over the years.”

The plaque is inscribed with the following:

St. Joseph Hospital is proud to dedicate this memorial garden to Jerry Henry Sr. in recognition of his faithful contributions to the hospital’s mission integration committee; outstanding social services, leadership and sensitivity to the poor and disadvantaged in the Fort Wayne Community.

“Blessed is he who has regard for the weak” —Ps 41:1

“I am honored to receive this on behalf of my husband and I know that he would appreciate knowing he has made a difference,” said Marganelle Henry. “Jerry was insistent on being cared for at St. Joe. He believed in St. Joe’s ideology and how committed they are to compassionate care for everyone, including the poor and disadvantaged.”

“It’s my pleasure to publicly acknowledge Jerry Henry for all he had selflessly given to our community,” said Ray. “He and his wife, Marganelle, obviously instilled the core values of compassion, care and dignity in their 17 children as many of them are active in similar efforts. These same values have also been key principles at St. Joe since the hospital opened 140 years ago.”

The Henry’s oldest son, Jerome Henry, Jr., serves on the board of directors at St. Joseph Hospital, and Tom Henry currently serves as the Honorable Mayor of Fort Wayne.

The Mission Integration Committee maintains the Catholic mission throughout the hospital and through community outreach. Committee members have historically served as hospital ambassadors, who are instrumental in communicating the many benefits St. Joe provides.

An underused, 56-year-old building was demolished late last year making space for the new Henry Memorial Garden. The vacant building was once home to the nuns of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.

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