FWCS gets fired up for cold weather

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Fort Wayne Community Schools press release from yesterday:

FWCS gets fired up for cold weather

As chilly weather sets in, it is time for Fort Wayne Community Schools to get the buildings ready
for winter. The Maintenance & Operations staff has been working in the schools preparing the
heating systems for the months ahead. For the older systems, in particular, that means cleaning and
making any necessary repairs to the boilers so they are ready to be fired up. The newer systems take
less preparation but still must be checked so any necessary repairs can be made.

Here are some additional facts:

Weisser Park Elementary School

  • Age of building: 45 years
  • Age of boiler: 45 years
  • Type of system: Hot water

Fort Wayne Community Schools:

  • Number of school buildings: 53
  • Number of heating systems past life expectancy: 14
  • Number of heating systems replaced in the last five years: 3 full system replacements; 73 boilers installed
  • Number of heating systems to be replaced in the next year: 0 full replacement; boiler only – Haley, Harris, Price and Weisser Park
  • Estimated cost to replace Weisser Park system: $1,400,000 (2008 construction cost)

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