Missing William (Bill) Guingrich

Bill Guingrich

I’m passing this along, if you know anything, please call the authorities.

Missing William (Bill) Guingrich

Last Seen: 10/4/2009 at Plumwood Apartments, Fort Wayne, IN.

Age: 37 (born 04/06/1972)

Height: 5’10”

Build: Slender

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Other: Smokes

Distinguishing marks: Multiple scars on lower legs from past auto accident.

Bill is mild – moderately mentally challenged (retarded) and also deals with anxiety and depression. While he may be awkward in some social situations, he is friendly to the point that people take advantage of him.

Missing person report was filed with Fort Wayne Police (260) 427-1222.

If you see him please have him call 260-489-4161 or 260-403-0933.

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