Arts United Community Mosaic

Arts United Community Mosaic logo, courtesy of Arts United.

Press release from Arts United:

Arts United Community Mosaic

Arts United is seeking artwork from individuals, businesses, schools, social clubs and arts groups for the second “Community Mosaic” project. The pieces will be tiled together and put on public display in the Arts United Center at 303 E Main Street from February through April 2010. The theme this year is “Arts Unite Us.”

This is an opportunity for anyone to delve into their creative talent or to work with a group to demonstrate their affinity for the arts. Paintings will be easiest to display, but the mosaic can include stained glass, quilts, metal work or other mediums, as long as they are 3′ x 3′ and can be easily mounted to fit the display space.

The Community Mosaic will be unveiled at the kickoff of the annual Arts United fund drive. The public reception will take place Thursday, January 28th from 5:30-7:30pm at the Arts United Center. Prizes will be awarded based on viewer’s choice votes between the unveiling and early April.

Pre-framed canvas panels can be purchased through Arts United for $18. Arts United and Northside Galleries, Inc. will mount all the panels submitted.

Contact Tena Woenker by December 15th to reserve a spot or to order a prepared canvas for painting. E-mail or phone: 424-0646.

Artwork must have the following information listed on the back-Title of artwork, name, company/organization, day- time phone number or cell phone number, and address.

No suggestive subject matter – nudity, drugs, alcohol, etc. and no explicit language to be displayed. – Arts United reserves the right to screen artwork for appropriateness.

Completed artwork should be dropped off to the Arts United Center, 303 E Main Street, by Friday, January 15th between 8:30am and 5pm, to insure time for mounting and display. Artwork will be available for pick-up in April.

About Arts United
Incorporated in 1955, Arts United is the third oldest united arts fund in the United States and the second largest arts council in the State of Indiana. As the umbrella organization for nonprofit arts groups in northeast Indiana, Arts United provides leadership to the local arts community and is the largest single source of financial support for the arts in the region. Arts United is the entity that brings the arts community together to address the key issues and questions. Through Arts United, the many arts groups in the region can plot a common direction and speak with the common voice.

Arts unite us. Everyone. Everyday. Everywhere.

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