10/8 Budget Hearing: Mayor

2010 City Civil Budget

Notes from the Fort Wayne City Council Budget Hearing on October 8, 2009.

This post covers notes from the Mayor’s budget discussion. The Mayor’s budget may be downloaded here.

Karen Goldner – Cell phones have gone down quite a bit.  Deputy Mayor Greg Purcell Not sure why it has.

Liz Brown – Telephone & Telegraph – gone up because of  Blackberrys.  Line 5334 is mainly events, no personnel.  Garage Contract Target includes repairs for vandalism.  Nontarget includes damages for Mayor’s accident earlier this year.  5372 – gone because they purchased the vehicle for the Mayor.  6 of the Call Center people are from Mayor’s budget, supervisor is paid from the City Utilities budget.

Marty Bender – 5391 has been cut in half.  Greg – found some savings, budget had been based on Mayor Richard’s budget.  5324 – trying to manage costs better.

Liz – two hired then budgeted, Liaison position and Mayor’s Executive positions.

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