City Council agenda – 10/6/2009

The Fort Wayne City Council

The Fort Wayne City Council meets in Committee Session tonight at 5:30 pm in room 128 of the City-County Building. The agenda may be downloaded here.  There will be another installment in the on-going 2010 Budget Hearings as well.

As the negotiations for the Light Lease are continuing, we won’t be seeing Indiana Michigan Power at the table to discuss the issue.

There will be an opportunity for the citizens to weigh in on the budget during a public hearing. This appears as the first item on the agenda. If you wish to address the Council, you are welcomed to do so.

The departments up for discussion tonight during the budget hearing:

  • City Clerk/Council
  • Parking Administration

Of interest to be discussed during the Committee Session:

AN ORDINANCE of the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Common Council, approving and authorizing the execution of a lease for the acquisition, renovation and equipping of a building located at 200 East Berry Street, pledging certain revenues to the payment of
rentals therefore, authorizing the issuance of bonds for such purposes, and regarding certain related matters


AN ORDINANCE of the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Common Council regarding the designation of the City as a “Recovery Zone” for purposes of Sections 1400U-1, 1400U-2, and 1400U-3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, As Amended Authorizes the Common Council to designate a “recovery zone” for the purpose of issuing Recovery Zone Economic Development Bonds (any area designated by the City as Having significant poverty, unemployment, rate of home foreclosures, or general distress)

More information on what a Recovery Zone Economic Development Bond is may be found here. Economic development activities qualified under this program include:

  • Capital expenditures paid or incurred for property in Recovery Zones.
  • Expenditures for public infrastructure and construction of public facilities.
  • Expenditures for job training and educational programs.

Making another appearance:

G-09-06-14 (AS AMENDED)
AN ORDINANCE amending Chapter 38: “City Policies”; of the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Code of Ordinances Disclosure of Professional Services Contracts

You may download the most current copy of the ordinance here.

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