Unwanted medication collected

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Press release from the Volunteer Center @ RSVP:

Allen County Sheriff Department, Fort Wayne Police and Fire Departments, New Haven Police Department, Indiana State Police, Allen Solid Waste District and the Volunteer Center @ RSVP partnered with 9 Walgreen’s Drug Stores for Unwanted Medication Disposal Day on Friday, September 25, 2009.

We are proud to announce that 1,360 pounds of unwanted medication was collected during the event. This brings the total to 8,723 pounds collected in the last five years.

Flushing old pills down the toilet or throwing them into the trash can have serious consequences for drinking water and the environment.

For those unable to make the Walgreen’s collection dates, there are also ongoing collection sites (for pills only) at:

  • Indiana State Police Post (5811 Ellison)
  • Allen County Sheriff (12535 Lima Rd.)
  • Fort Wayne Police (1320 Creighton Ave.)
  • New Haven Police (815 Lincoln Highway East)

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