Karpeles Museum: Bentz collection reception – 10/3/2009

the Karpeles Manuscript Museum.  Courtesy photo.

Press release from the Karpeles Museum:

Don’t miss the Bentz collection in the Lower Gallery of the Karpeles Museum. 3039 Piqua Ave. Fort Wayne, IN 46806. A reception will be held October 3 from noon to 4 PM. The collection showing will be for entire month of October, 2009

Robert Bentz is a local artist and instructor that is noted for his one of a kind jewelry creations which draw inspiration from a variety of cultures. He is also an accomplished sketch and watercolor artist that has spent many years behind the lens of a camera and in front of the canvas documenting the nation’s ever changing countryside.

In addition to landscape drawings, Bob has a fantastic collection of one of a kind jewelry that will only be shown during his reception.

One of Robert Bentz's Egyptian pieces.  Photo courtesy of the Karpeles Museum.

He made this piece about 10 years ago as part of a set. It is one of his Egyptian pieces made from an alloy of 50/50 silver/copper which gives it it’s deep, dark, “antique” look. Today’s alloy is a 60/40 silver/copper mix which accounts for its “bright” or more “yellow” look.

The Egyptians used the 50/50 mix because Eygpt was short on silver and long on gold and copper, which they valued equally. If you wanted to impress the Pharoah you would have given him a silver piece as he already had more gold then he knew what to do with. The scarab was revered by the Egyptians and it was a symbol of eternal life.

Many years ago Native Americans set about creating jewelry out of silver coins. Bob’s second generation necklaces are quite remarkable. Each round bead is crafted from a single silver disk.

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