10/1 Budget Hearing: Cumulative Capital Improvements

2010 City Civil Budget

Notes from the Fort Wayne City Council Budget Hearing on October 1, 2009.

This post covers notes from the Cumulative Capital Improvements budget discussion. This budget may be downloaded here.

Supported by the cigarette tax fund.  Light Lease also goes through this.   $735,000 commitment to Grand Wayne Center which is the last year for it.  The tax dollars are decreasing.  Details on pages 56  and 57.

Interesting is a website redesign in 2010 for $45,000 and then again in 2013 for $50,000.

2011-2014 are basically place holders because it’s not sure what the needs will be.

Accela – amount is $25,000.  Karen is disagreeing that we should be spending any more money on them.  Jim is saying there might be things outside of the scope of the contract that might need more money.  Possible add-ons.  ATOS is doing better work on it than Accela.

AVL Pilot Project – tracking city vehicles.  $50,000, outside of public safety.  RFP should be coming shortly.

Disk Space – voracious users – have to be able to recover if it fails.

Full Disk encryption  – put out for next year

network upgrades – throughout the network, hundreds of devices to make it work.  some are getting old and out of support, replacement of them.

network monitoring tools, what kind of traffic, tracks errors and improve troubleshooting.

website redesign – some complaints about current site looking stale.  Liz – who would do it?  Local redesign firm down the street.  Website belongs to Public Information Office.  They should be in control of what is on it and how it looks.  Money is for behind the scenes workings of website.

Project management – want to be able to have a professional service to follow the project through.  money wasted to have it go and then not track or follow up.

Council Document Management – better ways to deliver information.  Modest system to start with.  Waiting on input from Council.  Karen is suggesting the Council comes up with a process to give input on what they want and to prioritize the process.  The end product would involve rule changes and Mitch is suggesting he could head the project up.

Liz is asking if the things listed in the IT outweigh possible building and land purchases and retirement of general bond obligations?  Jim has responded that Val told him he had to cut and he has cut.  We were the first to get new phones, now we’re the last to replace them.  We now buy replacements off ebay because they’re no longer available.

Tim is stating he would hope all council members would be solicited for ideas on digitizing the Council.  Project Management – local company or ATOS.

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