FWCS continues to focus on using data to advance achievement

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Fort Wayne Community Schools press release:

FWCS continues to focus on using data to advance achievement

Fort Wayne Community Schools will continue to focus on making sure each child is academically successful using data from the spring ISTEP+ to help in that process.

Test results released today show FWCS followed state trends on this year’s assessment – the first year for the spring test. District officials are looking at this as a baseline year because the results from the new test cannot be accurately compared to tests previously taken in the fall.

FWCS has been working for some time on making sure that the curriculum is consistent across the district and that programs are rigorous and relevant to life outside of school. Focusing on building relationships is also critical component in helping students be successful. Continuing with the processes already in place to build strong schools and using data to be more precise in addressing individual student needs is critical to the district’s long-term success.

“We have all the tools we need for our schools to be among the best,” Superintendent Wendy Robinson said. “We need to continue focusing on the number one factor in achievement – classroom teaching. As we use data to be more precise in the classroom with individual students, we will see our success grow.”

Throughout the district there is evidence that when the right pieces are in place, success happens.

“We do have things that are working,” Dr. Robinson said. “We’ve got models right here that we can replicate.”

With about 115 days until the next ISTEP+ begins, teachers and administrators will use these results as well as more detailed reports from other testing systems to be more precise in educating all students.

“We are not starting any new programs,” Dr. Robinson said. “We just need to take what we know works and do it well in every classroom.”

Parents again will have the opportunity to track their child’s achievement using the state’s online system. In addition to paper copies of student results being sent home, all families will receive a unique username and password to access more detailed information about their child’s results online. Parents should be receiving this information at home over the next few days. Anyone who doesn’t receive the information should contact their child’s school.

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