Even more color on Wells Street

Even more color is coming to Wells Street.

The Pepsi building, while not on Wells, is visible from Wells in many places.

The building is being painted blue on the bottom, white on the top with a red stripe. Not exactly the Pepsi colors in order, but it looks pretty darn sharp!

Great job, Pepsi!


  1. We of the Wells Corridor Business Association are pleased to have so many businesses cleaning and changing their facades. What a great coopreative business environment we have on our Corridor! Most owners/ managers are proud of this area and what we are accomplishing.

  2. Wells Street has always been a fun place to shop and explore. It looks better all of the time and should soon be an easier place to walk, bike and drive to park. Many of us who live nearby are so excited about the efforts of the Wells Street Business Association – thanks to the group and to individual businesses for the extra pride being shown in their exteriors. It’s been a lot of fun watching the changes along the corridor so far – and we have enjoyed biking by to see the latest painting progress on the Pepsi building. Nice work all!


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