TinCaps WIN second game, 2-0!!!!!

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The TinCaps beat the Burlington Bees in game 2 of the series.

One more win is needed!  The TinCaps travel to Burlington for game 3 of the Midwest League Western Division Championship.  A special post is forthcoming about activities to allow hometown fans to participate in the game at Parkview Field.

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  1. Thank you Stephen! I am stuck at home, tickets in hand, missing the game so that I can care for a sick kid..but I KNEW your site would be the quickest way to find out the results! THANKS! Congrats to the Tin Caps–what an opening year for Parkview Field!

    • You’re quite welcome Deb! I went over for the last inning – was out of town and didn’t return until late. It had to have been one of THE most engaged group of fans I’ve seen all season long! Congratulations to the TinCaps, the fans and Fort Wayne!


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