Health Care Reform supporters present letters

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Health Care Reform supporters presented letters to US Congressman Mark Souder and US Senator Evan Bayh last Thursday, September 3, 2009.

There were approximately 15 people in the group.  They met at Parkview Field where a brief presentation was made and health care stories were shared.  They then walked the couple of blocks to the Federal Courthouse to present the letters.


Text of the letter presented:

Dear Senator Evan Bayh,

The wallets of your fellow Hoosiers are suffering. Many Hoosiers have had to file bankruptcy because of overwhelming health care bills. The current health care system is broken. It costs everyone too much; it wastes too much and gives us back too little value for our money. We are being discriminated against because of pre-existing conditions and are staying in terrible paying jobs just because we are afraid of being denied care if we try to move to another health insurance option. We are losing loved ones who cannot afford their prescriptions.

I live and work in a community that you represent. I am urging you to work with your colleagues in Congress to push for a health care plan that ensures:

  1. Affordable Health Care for ALL
  2. Fair Premiums & Co-Payments
  3. No discrimination of those for age or “pre-existing” conditions
  4. Close the “doughnut hole” in the Medicare Part D program (closing benefits/prescription gap in coverage)
  5. Bring down the cost of prescription drugs
  6. No gender discrimination (women shouldn’t have to pay more)
  7. No cost sharing for preventative care
  8. No dropping of coverage of the seriously ill
  9. No annual or lifetime caps on coverage

Please don’t let the big money lobbyists of the health care industry drown out the voices of those you were sent to Washington to serve. Please be open to the opportunity to give millions the comfort in knowing if something happens to them or a loved one, that they won’t lose their homes trying to fight an illness.

Thank you.

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  1. They are on to something. Why didn’t the Brains, LOL, in Washington think of these simple accomplishments then keep working on the overhaul! But like I keep asking Mark Souder, I just want what you have! And he keeps saying that it is up to the free-market to provide healthcare!! Except for his!!


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