Good Charlotte photos

Photo set from the Good Charlotte concert held last Saturday at Parkview Field.

I only stayed for about half an hour, during the opening act, Metro Station.

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  1. Every single one of my friends that had tickets did not even go. As soon as they heard that Good Charlotte dropped out there was no reason for any of them to go because none of the other bands are really that popular around here.

    I heard from a little birdie that they had to choose between kelly clarkson and good charlotte. Kelly Clarkson would have been a better choice in terms of popularity by far. Whoever picked Good Charlotte over her is an idiot.

  2. I was going to say the same thing. Awesome photo’s but wow, that looks really weird how it was setup. Nothing like I thought it was going to look. Why would anyone want to purchase anything other than lawn tickets? It seems like if you were in your seat you missed the show. No one was in the seats? Wasn’t there a variety of seats available. I don’t see why a seat was even necessary.

    • Ok, I’ll be honest with you all. I had a migraine last week from hell. On Saturday, it was all I could do to crawl over to the ballpark, take some photos and crawl back home – literally. I didn’t pay much attention to who was playing or who wouldn’t be there. So I can’t confirm whether or not Good Charlotte was there, although Mike pointed out a press release affirming this. I hadn’t heard anything while I was there, but then again, I only went long enough to snap some photos and leave.

      I’m not sure why they configured this concert differently. At MercyMe, the stage was right behind 2nd base. This concert, was out in the middle of center field. My guess is that perhaps they were anticipating a crowd. I’d also like to point out, and I’m not certain about this, I think the ticket price was basically an admission price. Once in, you could basically sit or stand where you wanted with the exception of the suite level. As mentioned, I could be wrong, but I do know when I went down on the field, there was no one checking tickets. Same thing in the seating areas.

      I heard some grumblings about this group, Good Charlotte, a while ago. Now, I do not know the timeline of this particular event, but I do know concerts are booked out in advance. I know that there were times when I would go to New York and The Metropolitan Opera to hear a particular singer that everyone absolutely raved about. By the time I went to hear them, there were issues with the voice. The nature of performances there dictated signing artists two sometimes three even up to five years out. A lot can happen to a singer between the time they’re signed and they actually performed. Now, I don’t think we’re talking about those kinds of time periods here, but things can happen between signing the contract and performance time.

      Again, I’m talking out of my hat here. If I learn anything else, I will post it on the blog.


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