Habitat’s Women Build Program begins work on new home

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Habitat for Humanity press release:

Fort Wayne Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build Program begins work on new home

The women of Fort Wayne’s Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build Program will begin building a new home, located at 583 Courtney Drive, New Haven, Indiana, for LaQueshia Brown, a single mother with two children. So far, 120 women from the area will be volunteering to work on this home, including radio host Melissa Montana from Star 88.3.

Money for this project comes from many sources, including fundraisers, like the recent “Girls’ Coffee Break” at the Firefly Coffee House, as well as the “Give 50 to Raise 50” project, where women in the community are asked to give a donation of $50 or more to help reach the ultimate goal of $50,000.

Women Build is Habitat’s volunteer program for women who want to learn construction skills and make a difference by building homes and communities. Women Build projects are regularly held by Habitat affiliates across the United States, and by Habitat organizations around the world. Women at these builds have furthered Habitat’s home-building mission by helping to construct more than 1,500 houses.

For more information about Women Build or about Habitat, please call HABITAT (422-4828) or visit our website.

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