Gaming Study Committee – 8/24/2009

The State’s Gaming Study Committee meets later this morning at 10:00 am at the State House in Indianapolis.

The agenda may be downloaded here.  The Gaming Study Committee has been charged with studying the following:

A. Prepare a market analysis of gaming in Indiana to determine viability and profitability in light of gaming in Michigan and Illinois and the potential of gaming in Ohio and Kentucky (HEA 1001(ss))

Conduct a comprehensive study of the following issues related to gaming in Indiana (HEA 1001(ss)):

  1. Admission taxes for riverboats
  2. Competition from out of state gaming entities
  3. Waivers for gaming tournaments
  4. Land-based gaming
  5. Non-smoking accommodations
  6. Restrictions on alcohol prizes
  7. Authority to regulate type 2 gaming in for-profit ventures
  8. A referendum concerning gaming in the city of Fort Wayne
  9. Competition from tribal-operated casinos
  10. Issues related to the riverboat in French Lick, including modification of trust payments, subsidies paid by other gaming facilities, and land-based gaming
  11. The movement of riverboats in the city of Gary to new locations
  12. The need to retain United States Coast Guard compliant marine navigation systems
  13. Whether permit holders holding a gambling game license issued under IC 4-35-5 (racinos) are properly promoting and supporting the horse racing activities at the site
  14. Issues related to permit holders holding a gambling game license issued under IC 4-35-5 (racinos), including table games, double taxation, amounts paid to horsemen’s associations, bonds, slot machines, and satellite locations
  15. Gaming license fees and suppliers’ license fees
  16. Parity of confidentiality rules for riverboat gaming licensees and permit holders holding a gambling game license issued under IC 4-35-5 (racinos)
  17. Campaign contribution ban for riverboat gaming licensees

I will be travelling to Indianapolis for coverage of the hearing.  This committee will meet again on September 14th, in room 404 of the Indiana State House at 10:00 am.

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