Mayor Henry: ‘…there is no need for delay.”

In a letter to the Allen County Commissioners, in response to their letter earlier this week, the Mayor has given the go ahead for a working group to explore options for the Renaissance Square building plan.

Text of the letter:

Dear Commissioners Bloom, Brown and Peters:

As stewards of our community, our challenge is to look to the future, to look beyond ourselves.  We must make decisions that both enhance today and strengthen the Fort Wayne and Allen County for generations to come.  In that spirit, I want to thank you for your letter of August 10, 2009, and the accompanying draft Memorandum of Understanding.  Your commitment to an open and inclusive dialogue about our mutual building and space needs is one that I share.

Like the County, the City of Fort Wayne is prepared and ready to take the next steps in this process.  There is much on which we agree: the importance of this issue; the common goal of a joint solution for our building and space needs; the need to better serve the public and use our resources wisely; the desirability of greater collaboration; the value of the Working Group; the accelerated timeline you put forth; and co-location imperatives that ensure the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective services, increase access and promote operational efficiencies for all citizens.

With these points of consensus in place, there is no need for delay.  In an effort to expedite the process, I have encouraged the Working Group to begin its task immediately.  To enable its work, additional information must be gathered to allow for the prudent assessment of options and sound decision making.  As public servants in these difficult economic times, our citizens look to us for choices that are transparent, sensible and supported by factual data and solid financial analysis.

I believe strongly that we must keep the momentum of our commitment building.  I trust that we can move forward in good faith today, charging the Working Group with the business of securing the necessary answers, sorting through the detail and formulating optimal solutions.  The group’s considerable knowledge and ability to tap professional resources will guarantee that our worthy framework can become a joint plan that is in the best, long-term interests of Allen County and Fort Wayne residents and taxpayers.

I heartily endorse this next stage and encourage you, our County partners to support it as well.  Thank you.

Tom Henry,

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