County Commissioner’s response

The Allen County Commissioners released this statement to Mayor Henry’s letter from earlier today:

The Allen County Board of Commissioners today released this response to Mayor Tom Henry’s letter regarding building and space needs:

“The Board of Commissioners appreciates the positive tone of Mayor Henry’s letter and agrees with his assessment that an ‘open and inclusive dialogue’ is important. It is in that spirit that we again encourage the Mayor to meet with us to discuss some of the specific points we outlined in our August 10 letter and proposed memorandum of understanding. Those include joint ownership of the City-County Building and the Renaissance Square building; housing the City’s public safety agencies and segments of the Sheriff’s Department in Renaissance; retaining City and County administrative offices in the CCB; and providing to the Working Group an agreed upon set of tasks to undertake. We recognize the value of keeping the lines of communication open and will make every effort to work with the Mayor in finding a time and place to hold such a meeting.”

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  1. Suggestion: Four members of each council get together (conference committee for you legislative types) and come up with a final plan. (I choose the council members!)


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