Loud car downtown last Saturday

Shortly after the Health Care rally last Saturday, a car was driving around the downtown area.

On top of the car, were two huge speakers, almost as big as the car itself.  A voice on the LOUD speaker was promoting some sort of Church Block Party south of downtown.


I wonder if they realized that people do live downtown and probably didn’t appreciate the noise?  They could be heard from several blocks.  Once in a while, I suppose it would be OK.  But, I could see how this could easily get out of hand.  While I didn’t have a decibel meter, I have a feeling they were quite loud.


  1. Wow.. That actually looked like it was well done. Didn’t seem that annoying and giving that it was during the day, I don’t think it was really offending anyone. Block party for a church? Sounds like a good thing for everyone. Good promo!

    • Thanks, DJ. But, it was quite a bit louder than you realize.

      The real point was that if others see this and pick up on the idea, the next one may be louder and even more obnoxious. I don’t agree that just because something is a good cause, that it excuses the delivery of the message.


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