American Red Cross Blood Drive at Parkview Field

The American Red Cross held a Blood Drive at Parkview Field Monday, August 3, 2009.

The previous record for a blood drive was 283 pints collected.  The TinCaps set out to break the record and they did, collecting 339 pints!

I arrived at 2 pm and found the waiting area full, with people still trickling in.  The blood drive was scheduled to end at 2:30 pm.  Great job to the American Red Cross and hats off to the TinCaps for stepping up to the plate!

Following are two interviews.  The first is with John Lehman of the American Red Cross.  The second is with Michael Limmer, Vice-President of the TinCaps.  Mike and I talked about the blood drive, then switched gears and talked about the TinCaps and how their season is going.  Enjoy!



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