Calhoun Street presentation

Sketch of Calhoun Street widening project, courtesy of the City.

The City’s presentation for the Calhoun Street widening/enhancements is available for download.

I will be sitting down for a pre-Council presentation this afternoon and if time permits, will have a report posted later this afternoon.  If I don’t make it, look for the audio of the presentation to the City Council later this evening. Â

One of the slides presents the following comparisons:

Existing – Proposed

  • 7-11′ Usable Sidewalk (West) – 13′ Usable Sidewalk (West)
  • 7-11′ Usable Sidewalk (East) – 10′ Usable Sidewalk (East)
  • One-way traffic – two way traffic
  • No delivery lane – delivery lane
  • 50 trees – 45 trees

Renderings from the presentation:


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