‘Talk’ to Mark Souder live – 7/30/2009

An e-mail from Mark Souder’s staff:

Dear Friend:

Just a reminder: Mark Souder wants to hear from you! Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to discuss pro-life health care reform in Washington.

Tomorrow night, Thursday, July 30th from 7 – 8 p.m., Mark Souder will hold a live Tele-Town Hall discussion.

Call toll free (888) 356-3090 and enter the pass code 13150 to join the discussion and ask Mark your questions about the health care debate in Washington.

You can email Mark your questions in advance. Be sure to title your email, “Pro-Life Health Care Question for Mark.” Congressman Souder will open the discussion with email questions.

Congressman Souder is standing up for the unborn in the in the current health care debate:

  • He opposes efforts that would also lead to the greatest increase in abortions since Roe v. Wade.
  • He has authored and tirelessly defended two amendments which would prohibit taxpayer dollars from funding abortions.
  • He vehemently opposes the left’s claims that abortion is a constitutional right, while defending the inherent sanctity of human life.
  • He understands that, unless abortion is explicitly excluded from any government-mandated or government-funded benefits package, it will be included.

Tomorrow night, from 7 – 8 p.m., you can call-in to talk to Mark about your thoughts and hear his concerns. The toll free number is (888) 356-3090 enter the pass code 13150.

Congressman Souder’s Staff

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