Where’s the luminescence?

I’d forgotten about this until a recent conversation – I honestly can’t remember who with – reminded me of this.

Pictured above is the Lincoln Financial Group building on Harrison Street.  This was for years, the headquarters of the Lincoln National Life Insurance company.  But since at least February 16, 2009, the lights have been out on one of the iconic downtown signs.

Another sign that hasn’t seen electricity for a while is the General Electric sign above their Broadway complex. I first noticed this back in May, but it could have been out longer than that.

Anyone have any inside information they’d like to share?

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  1. In checking with my sources, they confirmed that the sign remains on until around 10PM, whereas it used to remain on all night. This reduction in “on time” was due to cost saving measures combined with the fact that the the sign is “old neon technology”, therefore, it is expensive to maintain and repair.

    A co-worker and I noticed a few weeks ago that one of the letter is out … might be time for some of that costly repair soon!

    • Thank you, Joe. I almost emailed you to see if you knew. I can understand shutting it off so it doesn’t run all night, because I can imagine that sign isn’t cheap to run. 10 pm seems a bit early though. Oh well, we’re still glad to have it!!

      One thing I noticed last night, and I checked photos to confirm it, but I think a new addition is the Pepsi logo on the side of the Pepsi building on the north side of the St. Mary’s River. It’s pretty bright!


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