County to City: Joint ownership of Renaissance

The Allen County Commissioners met with Mayor Tom Henry today to discuss the City’s purchase of Renaissance Square.

In a letter to the Mayor dated today, the Commissioners listed the presentation’s following points:

  • It continues to build on the cooperative efforts of co-location and integration.
  • The County proposes joint ownership in the City-County and Renaissance buildings, with equity exchange in the buildings once the City purchases Renaissance
  • Fort Wayne’s public safety agencies would locate in Renaissance along with those segments of the Allen County Sheriff’s office currently housed in the Kidder Building on Lima Road.
  • The City could also move some ancillary offices, such as City Utilities and Neighborhood Code Enforcement, to Renaissance.
  • The City would retain all other administrative offices in the City-County Building.

We believe this proposal gives the City the ownership stake it desires while allowing it and the County to consolidate their respective operations more efficiently. It brings together City and County law enforcement agencies in a facility that addresses their respective space needs. Most importantly, this plan is advantageous to City and County taxpayers because it reduces the major renovation and relocation costs both sides would have to bear if the City were to move its entire administrative offices to Renaissance and the County had to fill the vacant space in the City-County Building.


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Other information handed out:
Entire presentation or here
Spreadsheets, part 1 – part 2

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