Rant: Best of what?

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Ok, I’ll admit – I was a bit offended because this blog was not included in the “Local Website” category for the annual Fort Wayne Newspaper’s 2009 Reader’s Picks Best of…

But, after poking around the offerings in some of the various categories, I don’t mind because how valid can the results really be??

For instance, without thinking about it too much, both Ross Kinsey and Chris Hopper of WANE-15 are not on the list for “Local TV Personality”.  However, Bob Chase is as well as Bruce Haines of PBS 39.  Bruce Haines a TV personality?  I mean come on, all I’ve ever seen him appear on 39 is for fundraising or commercials.  Bob Chase, TV?  Unless he does the Komets telecasts which are on cable which explains why I don’t remember seeing him on television?  I thought he was solely on WOWO.  It also includes a Brad Brown of WRTV out of Indianapolis – Indianapolis is local?

Another sub-category that’s included in the Media/Personalities are “Local Auctioneers”  Doesn’t make much sense to me.

The “Local Website” category is even more laughable as it contains which is out of Hamilton County Indiana, https://dirtyfootfamily.com/ which appears to be something out of Phoenix Arizona and https://adamswells.com/.  It also mixes commercial, media, government and other websites all into one category.  There are also a few other websites included I wouldn’t consider to be local.

Not having a lot of time to spend on this, the other category I checked was the “Video Rental Store” where numerous RedBoxes are listed and McVan’s also featured.  I thought McVan’s only sold video games – I don’t even think they rent them let alone movies.  And a RedBox as a choice for a store?  It’s a computer operated kiosk!

All-in-all, a pretty worthless survey and one I’m happy to not be involved in!


  1. Something tells me the easiest way for them to build their lists was to start with advertisers… at least that’s been my experience working at other papers when the adcats wanted to do these sorts of things.

  2. I’m pretty sure the nominations were sent in by the people. I remember filling in specifically who I thought was the “best hairdresser”, “Best mechanic”, etc. So I’m thinking that if the nominations are left up to the people that’s why there’s a bunch of “rediculousness” included. As a whole, we the people of Fort Wayne are not very smart – and if I might add – I HATE that I’m part of that we. 🙂

  3. perfect example – under auto mechanics – there’s a Don Yeoman and a Donny Yeoman – same person – I know because he’s my friend. So next year when they are asking for nominations – we all input this site. 🙂

  4. I was quite surprised you were not on the list. In fact, I was like Santa, checking it twice, because I was sure that I somehow missed it.

    Local “Best of”‘s are a good/fun idea but we need to make sure they truly represent the community.

    • Thanks Robert. I guess the point I was trying to make is that McVans is different than most video *rental* stores and I wouldn’t consider it the same. Besides, having a store like McVans could skew the results hence hurting the stores in the list that are solid, true rental stores.


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