Animal Care & Control recognized by Humane Society of the US

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Press release from Animal Care & Control:

In a morning news conference, Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control was recognized by The Humane Society of the United States for being a progressive leader among US shelters and public safety programs.

According to the recent article, “Out of Control, Into Compassion,” that appeared in The Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Sheltering magazine- “The public wants to be kept safe from dangerous dogs, stray dogs, health hazards, and diseases. They also want to know that their local agencies are humane-minded, compassionate places working alongside other community animal welfare groups to stop animal cruelty and reduce euthanasia. Enforcement is a part of that, but education is often just as important.”

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control has learned to step outside the “governmental box” by using fund raising and a high-quality volunteer program to provide essential services that tax-based dollars cannot support, but animals need.

“We see education and service to community animal problems as a priority in Fort Wayne,” said Director Belinda Lewis, “We could write tickets all day, but law enforcement alone cannot solve neighborhood problems. Education and outreach is essential to helping people and saving the lives of animals.”

According to HSUS Indiana State Director Anne Sterling, “Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control managed by Belinda Lewis and her team should serve as an inspiration to other animal control departments looking for ways to expand their services, serve the community, and save more lives. Under Belinda’s leadership, Fort Wayne has developed one of the more progressive, community-friendly animal control departments in the country.”

Facts about Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control

  • Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control is a municipal animal control program within the public safety division of the City of Fort Wayne.
  • Provided animal rescue, animal care, a pet adoption service and a centralized lost and found service for 16,608 animals in 2008
  • Animal Control Officers responded to 20,809 calls for service in 2008

Mission Statement:
Guided by the humane ethic and livability interests within our neighborhoods the mission of Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control is to ensure public health and safety as well as prevent pet overpopulation, animal neglect, and animal cruelty through education, rescue, and law enforcement.

Statements by The Humane Society of the United States
“The HSUS Animal Services Consultation (ASC) program provides in-depth evaluation services to public and private animal care and control agencies. By using teams of HSUS staff and independent consultants, the program has helped clients accomplish goals ranging from planning for a new facility to solving endemic policy and management issues. Since 1994, Belinda Lewis, Director of Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control has served as a team consultant for this program on more than ten evaluations in major metropolitan areas such as Baltimore, Denver and Toronto. Belinda’s expertise, coupled with her ability to deliver a consistent, professional message, has made her a valued member of every team.” Kimberley Intino, CAWA, Director, Shelter Services Program, (301) 258-3177.

“Whenever our magazine covers an animal control topic, Belinda Lewis is the first source I want to call, because she’s both knowledgeable and patient; I know that the information I get from her will be not only helpful, but practical. She approaches her job with a compassionate heart paired with a mind that grasps both the advantages and limitations of local government. M. Carrie Allan, Editor, Animal Sheltering magazine, (301) 548-7732.


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