Rally against Obamacare tomorrow at Courthouse Square – 7/9/2009

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An e-mail from the organizers:

Rally against Obamacare tomorrow at Courthouse Square – 7/9/2009

When: Thursday July 9th 12:00 noon
Where: Allen County Courthouse Square

The issue of Obamacare is the hottest topic hitting Capitol Hill right now. The Democrats have had to postpone markups on their legislation after the Congressional Budget Office hit them with a 2×4 when the cost of the Obama plan skyrocketed over $1 Trillion dollars. And let’s not forget that the House Democrat original plan included over $600 Billion in tax increases.

More and more, people are realizing that government run health care is not cost efficient, will not provide the care the Democrats claim it will and that our country just isn’t ready for it.

Former US Congressman David McIntosh, courtesy photo.

Next Thursday, July 9th, Americans for Prosperity and Patients United Now are holding a rally at Courthouse Square in Ft. Wayne from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. The highlighted speaker will be former Indiana Congressman David McIntosh, and there will be free Coney Island hot dogs, chips and drinks to the first 150 people!

Nothing is more personal or more important than the health of our families.

Our health is too important to gamble on a system designed and run by bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

As an American, you deserve the right to make all your own health care choices – and those choices should never be limited by government bureaucrats.

• YOU should have the right to choose the doctor that is best for you.
• YOU should have the right to choose who can see and keep your personal health information.
• YOU should have the right to choose what care is needed and best for your family.
• YOU should NOT be forced into a “one-size-fits-all” government-controlled health insurance system

If you agree, join Patients United Now on Thursday July 9th at Noon at Courthouse Square in Ft. Wayne – and let’s support real health care reform.

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  1. If I had group insurance through work, I might be okay with the status quo. But right now my individual policy stinks. I think I would rather be taxed and be assured that I could just go to the doctor whenever it made sense. Right now, I have to decide if I want to pay $130 for a simple 10-minute doctor’s visit. Or $100 for flu medicine for the kids.

  2. We don’t have choice now if we are in a company sponsored health plan; the health plan determines which doctors are approved.

    Your approach sounds scarier!


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