Lunch on the Square Wednesday – 7/8/2009

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Lunch on the Square continues this Wednesday.

The event starts at 11:30 am and runs until 1:00 pm with live music performed by Keith Flye whose style is Eclectic Soul. Along with great music, attendees can also relax and unwind with our “Health & Wellness Corner” featuring free chair massages by Vital Living Therapeutic Massage and Gyrotonic demonstrations by Pure Movement. This Wednesday the St. Joseph Behavioral Health and St. Joseph Diabetes Education will be offering Blood Glucose Levels screenings.

From the DID website:

Get Your Boxed Lunch Here:

816 Pint N Slice: Grab a slice and go! This pizzeria is only a half block from One Summit Square. *Located at 816 S. Calhoun Street.

L’Asiatique: Offering a Club Wrap, house made potato chips, and chocolate chip cookie for only $6, this french/asian fusion eatery may be the stop for the “Office Foodie”. Orders can be made either over the phone or at the bar. Call 260-420-7275. *Located at the corner of Barr and Main Street.

Loaf N’ Ladle: This classic downtown lunch spot always offers boxed lunches! Just call them ahead or walk in, and choose from full or half orders of their sandwich, side dish, and cookie. $7-9 price range. Call 260-422-5610. *Located 817 S. Calhoun Street.

JK O’Donnell’s: If pub food is more your style, with 4 boxed lunch options ranging from $7-10, this is the place to choose! Phone in by 2pm the day before. 260-420-5563. *Located at 121 W. Wayne Street.

Double Dragon: This downtown staple provides delicious Chinese food to go! Choose from their many options. $5-7. *Located at 117 West Wayne Street.

Higher Grounds: Across the street from One Summit Square, choose from their wide variety of drinks, and pre-made sandwiches! Higher Grounds will also have a table on One Summit Square.

Summit Club: For members only of this fine dining establishment. The Summit Club is offering a variety of sandwiches, salads, and beverages to choose from. Call for an order form: 424-5372. $7-9.00. Or download the order form and fax to 424-5374.

For more dining and carry out options, visit our Restaurant Guide.

In addition to these amazing restaurants providing boxed lunches, there will also be a few vendors in One Summit Square’s Courtyard itself.

Vendors AT the event:

Dawgz Dogs: Offering hot dogs on the street, like a city should!

Creamland Vending: For all those sweet tooths out there that want to end with a dessert, or just want an ice cream lunch!

Fort Wayne Fruitloop: Providing healthy and replenishing fresh fruits for visitors and passersby.

Sponsored by COMCAST, Aptera, Indiana Michigan Power, St. Joseph Hospital, Raymond James & Associates, Business Weekly and WMEE. Made possible in part by a Neighborhood Grant from Arts United of Greater Fort Wayne.

Photos from last week’s Lunch on the Square with Good Night Gracie:

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    • The city wants to kick I&M out? Who is it exactly you mean by city – the Administration or citizens? I think most citizens in our city, especially after the stupendous efforts expended by I&M this past December to restore power after a once-in-a-lifetime ice storm, wouldn’t be included in that movement to “kick” out I&M. And this isn’t about kicking I&M out of the city. I may not agree with the decisions made by the Administration, but I think the last thing they’re trying to do is “kick” anyone out.

      The question is, what does the original Light Lease say as far as improvements and ownership? Somewhere, I have a copy of the original Light Lease and ordinance that approved it. I’ll have to see if I can find it in the next week or so.

      Justin, you’ve stated in some of your other comments that everything in the downtown network has been replaced by I&M and, “Even when City Light was around 2/3 of the downtown “Network” was I&Ms to begin with.” If it was I&M’s to begin with, why would they agree to pay to lease it? Where do you get these facts from? I’m not trying to be adversarial, but I’d like to know your source. The last I’d heard I&M had replaced quite a bit of the utility, but not all of it.

      Personally, I think the Administration has opened a can of worms that should not have been opened. However, I would like to think they also know a bit more about the situation than I do and have done their homework and have some stable, thought-out logic behind these decisions. I wouldn’t at all be surprised to learn of some other behind-the-scenes happenings that the public hasn’t been privy to yet. It’s another situation where, whether we like it or not, we have to trust our leadership. If and when it should become apparent they were wrong, our recourse is to vote them out of office. The opposite is also true.

  1. Sorry Stephan, I shouldn’t have said the City. Mostly Moses, and some Henry. But, I think it’s mostly Win. He’s been against I&M since they took over City Light in 74. I do agree, I think a lot of customers are very satisfied with I&M. Not only with the service I&M provides, but also they way I&M gives back to our community. That much is very clear.

    I would love to see the original Lease agreement. I would be very interested if you could find it.

    It’s clear the City and Win are worried about the law in 1980 that was passed. The amendment offered by the City was not supported by Indiana legislature. I&M is designated by law and also the Indiana Utility Regulatory Comm. as the electrical provider for the City of Ft. Wayne. So I&M has the right and obligation to serve these customers. The lease is about facilities, which 95% of those City facilities have been retired. Good luck being able to use the other 5%.

    I honestly don’t think I&M has to pay to lease it again. I think it’s something as a good nature to end this issue. Like i’ve said, if i lease a car, can the dealer seek bids before my lease is up? No, i have the right to buy it out. If i choose not to, then the dealer can sell to someone else.
    I play softball with more than a few I&M guys, so that’s where I get my info. So you can take it for what’s it worth I guess.

  2. Also, forgot to mention. I’m not here to cause a problem at all. I love this site. I love seeing all the info about the city i live in. I read this stuff more than i read the newspapers. I guess the City Light deal hits close to home, so i have a lot to say.
    Thank you!

    • I didn’t take it you were “causing problems”. I enjoy a lively discussion. I think what would be interesting would be for I&M to release what exactly they started with, what exactly is left and amount they’ve invested, which I think they have put at around $85 million. That was why I questioned where your info came from. I always like to know the source.

      I was thinking about it this morning. I think the Legislature was absolutely correct in refusing to clarify anything. This is not a matter for the Legislature to get involved with. Unfortunately, and I say that because the burden is going to fall on taxpayers, it’s something that’s going to have to be settled in the courts. It’s a question of law and leases, not legislative actions.

      I cannot stop thinking that a can of worms has been opened.

      PS – Justin, don’t ever stop commenting or adding your two cents worth – it is welcomed here. There might be the occasion we don’t agree, but I still want to hear your opinion!


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