City Council agenda – 7/07/2009

The Fort Wayne City Council

The Fort Wayne City Council meets tonigh in Committee Session at 5:30 pm in room 128 of the City-County Building. The agenda may be downloaded by clicking here.

There are several items of interest on the agenda:

  • S-09-06-10 deals with the issuance by the Board of Park Commissioners to enable some refunding of existing bonds, probably at a lower interest rate.  A couple of questions to be asked is, will the savings in interest offset the reissuance costs and will there be a penalty in paying off the existing bonds?
  • G-09-06-12 is the buy Indiana ordinance introduced by Councilwoman Karen Goldner and Councilman Tom Didier.  This really is a no-brainer, although I expect there to be some debate over application.
  • R-09-06-11 deals with the creation of design standards to be embedded within the CM5A and CM5B classifications.  These standards have been around for a while, however, when the City Council explored them a few years ago, it was decided not to implement them.  The Charis House debate a few months ago and some other issues had several on the Council giving a mandate to City Planners to bring them back for inclusion.

Missing from the Agenda is the ordinance approving the purchase of the Renaissance Square as well as the ordinance introduced by Councilwoman Liz Brown that would require the City Council to approve contracts for professional services or consultants.  The former has been delayed pending a meeting between City and County officials on July 14th.  I am trying to confirm what the delay is about concerning the latter.

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