4th Fireworks

What a mucky night the 4th proved to be!

I planned a photo shoot Saturday night from the top of the building I live in to capture the fireworks at IPFW and Parkview Field in a panorama shot of downtown.  However, it was so moist, foggy, thick and still that it just didn’t work.  One of the results wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for either.

When I first went up to the roof, about 9:15 pm, the first thing I noticed was that it almost looked as if the City were burning.

Everywhere you looked, there were what appeared to be great clouds of smoke or haze.  I think part of it was fog, but the bigger part was the clouds of smoke generated by fireworks displays.  To all those fireworks vendors who said no one was buying fireworks this year – huh?  While I don’t think the amount that I witnessed Saturday night was more than past years, it certainly wasn’t any less.

Anyway, when the big moment arrived, the fireworks at IPFW were barely visible and at the moments when they were, because of the moist air, they were still brilliant, but rather short lived.

The TinCaps fireworks started out nicely, but about part way through the show, the smoke had built up so thickly that the rest of the show was obscured.  I’m not sure how they looked inside the ballpark, but we could hardly see anything.

It was too bad because my timing seemed to be right on Saturday night.  Oh well, there’s always next year!

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