Sen. Wyss: New State Budget ‘Lives within its means’

Indiana Senator Tom Wyss, courtesy photo.

An e-mail from Senator Tom Wyss:

New State Budget ‘Lives within its means’
Bipartisan plan prioritizes K-12, protects public safety, maintains $1 billion in emergency reserve funds

With bipartisan support, members of the Indiana General Assembly today passed a balanced, two-year $28.5 billion state budget that “lives within its means” and avoids any general tax increases on Hoosiers.

Indiana’s two-year fiscal blueprint prioritizes public K-12 education and student assistance, maintains funding for public safety and higher education, yet saves millions in other areas of state spending.

Under the plan that now goes to Gov. Mitch Daniels for his signature, Indiana maintains emergency reserves of $1 billion to safeguard Hoosiers during what could be a prolonged recession… and for times after federal stimulus monies disappear.

More than 20 states have raised taxes at this difficult time to plug budget gaps. At least 35 states are either proposing or implementing cuts to public schools. Some are considering early release of prisoners and layoffs of state troopers.

Through recent and continued frugal management of Hoosiers’ hard-earned tax dollars, Indiana is not being forced to raise general taxes, jeopardize public safety or close vital services.

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