Wells is about to get a bit more colorful!

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The Commercial Facade Grants awarded by the City are beginning to see some results.

One of the most colorful results is beginning to take shape on the south side of the Hyde Bros. Book Store.  Julia Meek, of the Fort Wayne Mag-A-Don fame, is designing a mural that will cover the south wall of the store.  Over the past month, the wall has had a power washing, primer coat applied and the beginnings of the mural sketched onto it.  The mural, when finished, will feature scenes from Fort Wayne, with a section dedicated to buildings gone, but not forgotten.  Part of this mural will be driven by public input.  A week or two down the road, Julia will pull together a list of the buildings she will incorporate into the mural.  The public will then be given the opportunity to add to the list their suggestions.  Those whose suggestions are incorporated will receive a Hyde Bros. Books T-shirt.

Julia shared with me Friday, that this will be the sixth in her, “Share the Experience” series.  There was a full-sized Mastodon, plus some Mini-Dons and one of the 2009 Northeast Indiana ARC Eggstravaganza! Eggs. Her egg is currently displayed at Workspace Solutions on 256 W. Main Street.

In the Mastodons on Parade book, Julia wrote:

“Share the experience,” the sponsor’s theme, was my focal point.  In a grand, kaleidoscopic style, I was prepared to share the experience of our past including our geographic past.

Keeping to my favorite illustration style, I depicted our parks, historic landmarks, a cityscape, iconic businesses, and even those wonderful building stones the crazy glaciations left us.

There are several personal treasures on the mastodon including my own garden, my mom’s patio, and two treasured pieces of jewelry that artist Bob Bentz made.

It’s always been my practice to write in names as I work large ink-lined spaces such as tree foliage.  It’s therapeutic – kind of like a Tibetan prayer wheel.  So just about everyone I know and love is named somewhere on the piece – just don’t expect me to remember where.

Friday afternoon, I met with Julia who talked about the mural and how the project is coming together.



Photos of the progress:

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Julia’s Fort Wayne Mag-A-Don photos:

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