Diverse group attends community healthcare forum at St. Mary’s

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A Community Healthcare Forum was held at St. Mary’s Catholic Church yesterday.

Diverse group attends community healthcare forum at St. Mary’s

Dr. Tom Hayhurst was preparing to moderate a community healthcare forum on universal health care at St. Mary’s Church the evening of June 24. He saw the more than 125 attendees and commented, “This is a really diverse group here tonight.”

And it was. The people were a microcosm of the Fort Wayne community with diversity across culture, nationality, gender, marital status, employment status and age. All shared a common purpose-promote awareness and advocacy for universal healthcare for all.

Hoosiers for a CommonSense Health Plan and Fort Wayne Public 1 co-sponsored the event. Hoosiers is a statewide grass-roots advocacy organization promoting “Single Payer for All,” HB 676, authored by Michigan Congressman John Conyers.

Rick Stevenson, Wayne Township Trustee, attended. He said, “No healthcare reform is causing increasing costs to Wayne Township, taxpayers and families.” He agrees with President Barack Obama who recently said,”There is a cost to doing nothing.”

More than 50,000,000 Americans have no healthcare coverage through insurance, and the United States ranks poorly on healthcare indicators worldwide despite having the most expensive healthcare system on the planet. Perhaps, that is why there are increasing calls by people for healthcare reform.

Dr. Tom Hayhurst, former City councilman, and Eve Bratton, RN, moderated the event following a showing of Public Broadcasting and Washington Post award-winning journalist T.R.Reid’s “Sick Around the World.”

There will be more community healthcare events in the future as the national health care reform discussion and debate continues.

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