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The situation in Iran continues to deteriorate. I know that this is a local blog, but the cry for fair treatment and just elections, and the end of an evil regime should be heard everywhere.

Please continue to remember the people in Iran in your thoughts and prayers. It is and should be, abhorrent and reprehensible to those who embrace and desire freedom. Let us pray the uprising does not come to anything, but rather sees the rebirth of a nation better than that before it started.

From via the AP:

Tehran Protests Turn Into “Bloodbath”
Iranian Police Reportedly Attack Crowds With Batons, Tear Gas; Witnesses Describe Protesters Being Thrown From Bridge

A demonstration near Iran’s parliament turned into a “bloodbath” Wednesday, a source in Tehran told

Thousands gathered at the parliament building for a silent protest, reported the unnamed source. But the scene took a violent turn when more than 1,000 police and Basij militia arrived to disperse the crowd.

“It turned into a bloodbath … they threw some people off the bridges…after the Basijis came, they began to use tear gas, sticks, and shooting,” he said. […]

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