2009 BBQ Ribfest photos

2009 BBQ Ribfest

Photos after the jump from the 2009 BBQ Ribfest held in Fort Wayne, Indiana last weekend.


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  1. To whom it may concern
    I finally had time to look at the photos from the 2009 ribfest. I went up to the fest on Friday and Saturday night. There was a young boy there who played an air guitar there and eventually his grandfather bought him a blow up guitar. He played the “dickins” out of it.On Saturday, G-Money got him up on the stage to perform with his air guitar while the other musicians played. I found this child to be very entertainig. Now perhaps you may be wondering, why for this email. The answer is because I never saw any of his photos in your festival photos. I found this very disappointing. This young man was very entertaining and if nothing else he deserved to at least have a small picture or blurb on some blog. Now maybe I am wrong and you cant do this out of privacy rights, however, i must commetn that in addition to the excellant lineup that performed at this festival, I truly enjoyed watching this young man perform.
    Cordailly yours
    David M Conley
    PS..If it is at all possible, I would truly love to see Davy Knowles perform again at the ribfest next year. Each year gets better and better but Davy Knowles is by far I would surely enjoy seeing again.
    Thank you

  2. Dear All-Seeing, All-Knowing Stephen,

    I would like to express my disappointment, officially, over the intertubes, that you didn’t cover the picking of my nose last night. It was a very productive foray into the inner world of my nostril, and if you could have seen what I got, well, it should have been in the record books. I thought the purpose of this blog was to showcase what is going on Around Fort Wayne. And, as I live in Fort Wayne, this awesome feat should have been photographed. I, and I am sure your readers, are sorely annoyed and disappointed at the incomplete coverage this blog suffers.

    You probably think that photographing my nose picking is a violation of my privacy of rights, maybe I’m wrong, but I enjoyed it and I’m sure others would too.

    Yours in the online-computer-thingie,

    Andy Welfle

    P.S. I don’t want it to rain tonight. See what you can do about it.

    • Actually, Andy, I was alerted by the supreme being and was lurking in the bushes outside your window last night. I was in Indy all day and haven’t had time to transfer the video into my computer yet, so cut me some slack dude. For the record, it wouldn’t be a violation of your privacy, but I think it would be a gross violation of something. As far as rain, wrong website. See Sandy Thompson.

      ROFLMAO! Thanks, Andy!


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