What’s your thought?

A downtown establishment is holding a male review directed at the ladies, according to it’s advertising.

The Thirsty Camel is holding the show tonight and tomorrow.  I’m curious to find out what readers think about this type of show in the downtown area?


  1. No big deal but if it were women then that would be a different story. See we have to protect those poor, innocent women who are clearly incapable of deciding for themselves whether or not they want to remove their clothes.

    What would they do if our government patriarchy wasn’t there to protect them from themselves?

    • Interesting point, Jeff.

      For the record, it makes me no difference either way. I did receive a couple of responses via email which were mixed. One respondent pointed out that the local gay bars, not many blocks south of The Thirsty Camel have weekly male reviews. Another respondent asked if this was what we really wanted for our downtown. As I mentioned, I have not feelings either way.

      Unless all those revved up women come charging out of The Thirsty Camel on a rampage and riot endlessly downtown. Of course, the way I look, I think I’d be relatively safe and worry-free! LOL

  2. I see nothing wrong with it. Really what makes a differnece if it is Downtown or on the outskirts. If I remember the sign says Chipendales and does not say Male strippers so youners eyes will not even know what that means.
    As long as the advertising is discrete than have at it. I have never been to The Thirsty Camel but I hope all those windows I see in the picture will be blocked during the evenng.

  3. Oh come on, Parker! Don’t tell me YOU’ve gotten all prudish on me… It’s great if the woman want to kick back and relax with some male entertainment. Afraid it will tarnish that downtown image you all are tryn to promote?

  4. Big deal. That nightclub on highway 3/lima road had male revue weekly back in the day. Obviously, Parkview Field and Tin Caps just aren’t bringing the people down before and after the games. Well that’s odd now isn’t it?


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