60 years in one place – WOW!

Dick Stoner, world renowned magician, opened a magic store in downtown Fort Wayne 60 years ago.

Today, it’s still going strong and in fact has over the years taken over the adjacent areas of the building.  It’s a fun place to visit and I couldn’t help but smile at much of what’s in the store.

Mr. Stoner agreed to perform some of his magic for my camera and then we talked a little about the store’s start in downtown Fort Wayne as well as his feelings about the direction the downtown is headed.  A special heart-felt thank you to Mr. Stoner for his time and allowing me to put this on the blog!


Stoner’s website



  1. Always admired Dick and the time he spent with my kids anytime we walked into the store. Was always ready to perform. And that he did.

    I was walking through a trade show, one day in Las Vegas and saw this big crowd around one booth. There was Dick putting on a show and he spotted my Fort Wayne tag and made a special effort to recognize me.

    In my book, Dick is one cool dude!


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