Healthy Kids Emphasis at Parks Summer Programs

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Press release from the Parks Department:

Healthy kids emphasis at Parks Summer Programs
Unique program offered by Parkview through support from Kohl’s Department Stores

Summer youth programs offered by the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department will include the Kohl’s Healthy Kids program again this year at even more sites. This program focuses on the important balance of physical activity with healthy eating.

Throughout the summer months, the Kohl’s Healthy Kids program offered through Parkview Hospital will compliment the regular activity-based programs at nine summer playground sites, Youth Centers, Salomon Farmin’ Fun Day Camp, Franke Park Day Camp and the Lifetime Sports Academy.

“This is a free program to help kids learn about health through a balance of recreation and eating habits,” said Al Moll, Director of Parks & Recreation. “We are fortunate to have an outstanding partner for this essential awareness programming – Parkview Hospital and their dieticians.” The Kohl’s Healthy Kids program presented through Parkview is funded locally through Parkview’s partnership with the “Kohl’s Cares for Kids” national campaign.

“With state and national concerns about childhood obesity, we believe our parks can be part of the solution,” said Moll.

The Kohl’s Healthy Kids Program begins June 11th and are at the following locations:

Summer Playgrounds:

Lions Park at Carew & Hazelwood (June 11, 11am)
Hamilton Park at Spring & Cherokee (June 17, 5:15pm)
Waynedale Park at Koons & Elzy (June 18, 11am)
Memorial Park at 2301 Maumee Ave. (June 25, 11am)
McCormick Park at Holly & 2300 Raymond (June 25, 5:15pm)
Kettler Park at Belmont & Buell (July 9, 11am)
Lafayette Park at Glencoe & Lafayette Espl. (July 9, 5:15pm)
Lakeside Park at 1401 Lake & Vermont (July 16, 11am)
Psi Ote Park at Wennonah Lane (July 23, 11am)

Lifetime Sports Academy: McMillen Park at Oxford Street (July 13, 1pm)

Franke Park Day Camp: 3411 Sherman Blvd. (June 15, June 29, July 13, 11am)

Salomon Farmin’ Fun Day Camp: 817 W. Dupont Rd. (June 18, July 16, 1pm)

Conservatory City Safari Day Camp: 1100 S. Calhoun St. (July 30, 9:30am)

Cooper Recreation Center: Reservoir Park, 2300 Clinton & Creighton (July 23, 1pm)

Jennings Recreation Center: 1330 McCulloch Street (July 30, 1pm)

For more information regarding these programs, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 427-6000 or visit their website.


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