The 765 Leaving Fort Wayne, Indiana

If you thought you imagined a steam locomotive whistle wafting through the downtown area this morning, you did not. The former NKP 765 left Fort Wayne for North Judson, Indiana, where it will be running excursions at the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum this weekend.

After the 765 had passed through downtown, the smell of burning coal wafted through the air. Just a few minutes west of downtown, the 765 belched a great cloud of black smoke that hung in the air for several minutes. It almost looked like a structural fire.

If you saw this, rest assured – the Fort Wasn’t on fire. With no more smoke than the 765 gave off as it traversed downtown, can you imagine, and perhaps some of you are old enough to do so, how the City must have smelled during the heyday of the steam engines?

I hope if everything goes well, to have more photos and video tomorrow of the 765. The 765 did not blow the whistle once. Therefore, I have broken my usual practice and added soundtracks to cover up my inane babble to my fellow photographer. Also, I am not used to this new video camera and inadvertently stopped recording during a critical part of the journey. My apologies in advance.

The 765 arrived in North Judson at 7:10 CST. or

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